Sunsets in Encinitas – Top 10 Spots to Watch

sunsets in encinitas – encinitas coast life

sunsets in encinitas map - encinitas coast life

  1. Beacon’s Beach

    sunsets in encinitas - encinitas coast life - beacons beach
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    Where & Why We Love It: Just off of Neptune that winds the bluff tops of Leucadia’s sacred coastline, pull into the Beacon’s lot (if you can snag a space) and line up for a grand show. What’s special about this spot is that you have the trail that winds up from the beach, bluff top ocean views, and a great crowd of locals enjoying all together.

  2. Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

    sunsets in encinitas - encinitas coast life
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    Where & Why We Love It: I’ll admit I’m not much of a golfer but this golf course at Encinitas Ranch, just off of Leucadia Blvd. and East of the 5 has some of the best open space sunset views in Encinitas. If you ever get a round in, time it to watch the show as the sun dips behind clouds and into the great Pacific.

  3. Sunsets in Encinitas at Moonlight Beach

    Where & Why We Love It: Moonlight Beach may have gotten it’s name from the rum runners and bootleggers that used to frolic on our coast way back when, but now it’s a family friendly favorite. The great thing about Moonlight Beach is that there are so many places to watch the sunset – plop on the sand and get your fill or hang out in the upper parking lot on a bench to check out the crowd below and the sun dipping below the horizon.

  4. Encinitas Library & Viewpoint Park

    sunsets in encinitas - encinitas coast life

    Where & Why We Love It: The Encinitas library is iconic in more ways than one. Since it’s open until 8 PM most days you can watch the sunset over Downtown Encinitas out on the balcony that magically floats over the city. If you want more of a nature scene – walk across the street South to the park (which is also dog friendly).

  5. J Street Viewpoint

    Where & Why We Love It: Even though this spot is just off the beaten path in town, J street Viewpoint Park still seems to stay quiet and act like a hidden gem amongst the crowds that ebb and flow through our town with the varied tourists seasons. Just above Swami’s Self Realization Fellowship you can still get a glance of the waves breaking on the  Swami’s reef just south and look down the coast at Cardiff (and on clear days all the way to La Jolla). It’s a great place to take in the peaceful sunset moments.

  6. Above Swami’s With Sunsets in Encinitas

    sunsets in encinitas - encinitas coast life
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    Where & Why We Love It: Above the open fields (the Self Realization Fellowship Encinitas has kept open and beautiful) you can stand among the row of palm trees, pull off the road and park your car for the evening show or set up a hammock or two to take in the beautiful evening sky. Check out this print for sale by Pixel On Wood Here.

  7. From The Sky

    sunsets in encinitas - encinitas coast life
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    Where & Why We Love It: So if you really want to get the best views it’s best to head to the skies. With hot air balloon rides just in our backyard, you too can soar above over little town and look West as the sun fades into the sky. Sunsets in Encinitas have never looked so good with unobscured views. Check out a local company to book your tour here.

  8. San Elijo Campgrounds/Bull Taco

    sunsets in encinitas - encinitas coast life

    Where & Why We Love It: When I was younger, we used to camp at San Elijo Campgrounds every Fall. I remember those crisp clear evenings and watching the sun dip into the ocean as we huddled around a cozy campfire. This is still such a magical spot to catch the evening show and feel like you’re on a camping trip even if it’s just a couple of miles from your home. Bonus you can grab food at Bull Taco and sit on their viewing deck.

  9. San Elijo Lagoon Trails

    Where & Why We Love It: The lagoon trail on the North and South side of San Elijo Lagoon are so unique as they wind along wetlands and local native plants. You can observe the wetland animals and watch the skies reflection in the lagoon – a great show is when you catch a high tide with a colorful sunset, which paints the skies and ground with cotton candy hues.

  10. Above Cardiff

    sunsets in encinitas - Encinitas coast life
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    Where & Why We Love It: Where Manchester turns off into in San Elijo Ave. you’ll wind the corner and pop out above the gorgeous and infamous surf spot, Cardiff Reef. The little dirt pull off allows for just enough space to enjoy the views from the back of your car or stand above the cliff and take in the San Elijo lagoon river mouth emptying into the waves with the sky lighting up the Southern point of our town.

Want to make your home the best place to watch a sunset? Search for homes with sweeping views on our website HERE. Don’t forget to enjoy those simple moments in our town and take in a sunset or two. We hope you enjoyed this post! Now set up that blanket and get ready for the sky to put on a show!


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